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SRN Marketing is in the Association Marketing business, specializing in creating and building dependable revenue streams. 

If you are looking to create or increase your Association Marketing results within your membership then we can help. We have developed a proprietary method that WILL generate a dependable revenue stream for your group within the first week of using our services.

We consult primarily in five areas of Association Marketing:

  • Call Center management, both inbound and outbound
  • Online promotion: AdWords management, Social Media promotion, etc.
  • Email marketing: utilizing your list intelligently and optimally
  • Direct mail advertising: no school like the old school; surprisingly effective
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media opportunities

If you want to build or just improve the revenue stream from member benefit sales, we’ll show you how to generate immediate results that bring dependable sales your way. Assuming you have an existing base then you already have the foundation necessary to increase your bottom line through Association Marketing. And we can show you how to grow that as well.

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We typically give you few FREE ideas that you can implement immediately.
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Why are We Willing to Give a Free Consult? (the first time; don’t get greedy)

Simple: we want you to be confident in our ability to help, but we also want to be comfortable that we are going to be a good match for you. We’ll ask a few questions about your group so that we can better understand your group’s commonality. Do we need to focus on any demographic or geographic area? Is there a lead generation strategy you’ve tried before? These are all questions designed to build the best, most effective direct and online marketing campaign for YOUR success.

What’s the Catch?

The catch is that we can only work with a limited number of clients. The FREE initial consultation means that we must carefully select groups we feel best match our services. Once we get a chance to check out your group or association, the benefits you’re offering, how you currently market, etc., then we’ll schedule another 10-20-minute call with you. That conversation often uncovers a few ideas that can be put into play right away that will generate immediate results. We’ve also found that our most successful clients are the ones that will actually LISTEN to us and incorporate our association marketing strategies. Some of our clients don’t have the manpower right away to implement our methods; in that case, we have a team that can work with you for as long as you require. After all, if you don’t succeed then neither do we.

Association Marketing

Benefits Marketing

We’ll help you figure out this whole online association marketing thing. One of the great misconceptions about websites and optimization (AKA “SEO”) is that getting a site ranked is THE secret to success. Well, if you’ve managed to get your site ranked in the Map Pack with Google and your phone still isn’t ringing the way you want, then you know what we’re talking about. And if you’ve gone through that frustration, you already know how much time it takes to just get onto the Map Pack. Ranking is nice, but there’s a lot more to it.

Having a beautiful, interactive website is good. Getting traffic to the site is better. But having customers reach out and buy your product or service is best and really the only reason to be online in the first place. Agreed?

The website is important, as is the optimization. However, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. Ranking is nice but doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. You know, and we know: your members ALSO need to know about the benefit(s) you offer…and they need to be ASKED to buy. That’s where we come in. We’ll show you how to ask; heck: we’ll do the asking FOR you if necessary.

Our combination of paid advertising, call center outreach, email marketing, and organic optimization is the long game all successful businesses play. Isn’t it time you got in the game?

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lead generation

Paid Advertising, Social media and Optimized Websites have become THE way to drive traffic; the question then becomes converting that traffic into sales. Your product or service, market reach and target demographic will dictate the best avenues to incorporate. Whether your business is local, national, or international, online marketing is here to stay and any lead generation program has to exploit that fact. The ultimate key is reaching your people to ask for the sale, whether via a call center or the use of an online sales portal. We’ll help you with both!

For example: are you primarily a one-off business, working within a defined geographic territory, or can you work nationally?  Do you have a relatively low-cost product or service you can give as a loss leader and roll into an upsell? Is your membership program good for repeat customers? How often do you run special, limited time promotions? Are you constrained by government regulation or licensing requirements? What kind of sales funnels or opt-in forms are you using? How large is your email list? How long is your sales cycle?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll be asking; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ideas that we uncover as we talk. As your business consultants, we take pains to really uncover opportunities for benefit sales you may not see, simply because you’re so focused on the day-to-day business of running your business.

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Fill out the form & get a conversation going.

lead generation

Fill out the form & get a conversation going.

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What Kind of Groups and Associations Do We Work With?

We work with Affinity Groups and Associations, Employer Groups, Chambers of Commerce Groups, etc. The most important requirement is that the group offer decent benefits or discount programs to their members. Of those, we have found that an established that has an online presence and is in regular contact with their members will benefit most immediately from our help.

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