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SRN Marketing consults with companies like yours that want to increase your bottom line. Our purpose is to work with you; to understand your business and how you currently generate sales… and help you to double-triple-even quadruple that business.
We consult primarily in five areas of marketing: website optimization, online promotion, email marketing, direct mail advertising and sales training. If you have an existing customer base then you already have the foundation necessary to increase your bottom line. We’ll work out a plan to build on that foundation to GENERATE LEADS and CLOSE SALES.

And we’ll do our first consultation at NO CHARGE, so there is NO RISK or OBLIGATION on your part. We’ll ask you some questions about your business, and typically we give you two or three ideas that you can implement immediately. For FREE.

Why are we willing to do that?

Simple: we want you to be confident in our ability to help you grow your business, so we make it easy for you to give us a try. All we ask is to provide us with a bit of information on your company so that we can do some research before we speak. When you fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form you’ll be directed to a secure link to answer a few general questions.

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What’s the catch?

The catch is that we can only work with a limited number of clients. The FREE initial consultation means that we must carefully select businesses we feel we can most immediately help. Once we get a chance to check out your website, traffic, rank, your market, demographics, etc. we’ll schedule a 10-20-minute call with you. That conversation often uncovers a few ideas that can be put into play right away. The best way to see this in action is to fill out that contact form you see over there and get some of the primary questions answered. Go ahead; we’ll wait…

lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing

Interesting… Keep Talking!

Online Marketing

We’ll help you figure out this whole online marketing thing. One of the great misconceptions about websites and optimization (AKA “SEO”) is that getting a site ranked is THE secret sauce to success. Well, if you’ve managed to get your site ranked in the Map Pack with Google and your phone still isn’t ringing the way you want, then you know just what we’re talking about. There’s a lot more to it.

Having a beautiful, interactive website is good. Getting traffic to the site is better. But having customers reach out and buy your product or service is best and really the only reason to be online in the first place. Agreed?

The website is important, as is the optimization. And we do have a team that works specifically on creating content, keyword research and adding backlinks and citations. We’ll get you ranked, usually. However, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Ranking is nice, but doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. Social media has become THE way to drive traffic; the question then becomes c

converting that traffic into sales. Your product or service, market reach and target demographic will dictate the best avenues to incorporate.

For example: are you primarily a local business, working within a defined geographic territory, or are you marketing nationally? Is your product easily shipped or drop-shipped? Can your service be provided electronically or do you need to physically meet with your client? Do you have a relatively low-cost product or service you can give as a loss leader and roll into an upsell? Can you create a membership program for repeat customers? How often do you run special, limited time promotions? Are you limited by government regulation or licensing requirements? What kind of sales funnels or opt-in forms are you using? How large is your email list? How long is your sales cycle?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll be asking; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ideas that we uncover as we talk.

Fill out the contact form and get a conversation going.

Closing Sales

Another issue that we help our clients resolve are employees that aren’t CLOSING the sale. All too often, prospects will contact a business but the ‘salesperson’ just doesn’t close the deal. For a business owner, there aren’t many things more frustrating—or expensive—than generating a lead that just evaporates.

We see essentially two reasons that a lead will go up in smoke: 1. The salesperson doesn’t or can’t get back to the prospect quickly enough and they go elsewhere (we have a solution for that) and 2. The salesperson is in contact with the prospect but can’t close because they’ve talked right past the sale.

The good news is that we can help with that as well. There are certain universal truths in selling that make life much more rewarding for those salespeople that understand them. A few simple tweaks (listen twice as much as you speak, never use the word “interest”, replace it with “want”, use tie-downs, etc.) can work wonders. No hard selling is necessary when the process is done correctly.

Sometimes that’s all that’s needed: an outside agency consulting with your sales team on a regular basis that can see the issues from a different perspective. If you’re already generating plenty of traffic but just not writing enough business, then it may be time to bring us in as Sales Consultants, whether your product is tangible or intangible.

OK, that’s enough. If you’ve read this far it’s because you want (see what we did there? “want”?) to give us a try.

Fill out the contact form and let’s get this train rolling.

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lead generation srn marketing

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What Kind of Business Do We Work With?

We have found that an established business, one that has an online presence, a high margin product or service and a good sized customer list will benefit most immediately from our help. Other companies, such as start-ups, will definitely benefit from our service, but it needs to be made clear that results will take longer to realize. But they WILL come if we are working with you.

Send in a contact request form and we’ll get back to you. What are you waiting for?

lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing