Lead Generation with Sales Training

We do Lead Generation with Sales Training. How do we generate leads? We build your site from scratch. Or fix it. Then we optimize it. Then your site gets found in search results. But that’s not all. We’ll set up a separate site as a Sales Funnel, which creates near immediate business while your main site optimizes. Leads are generated, the phone rings and leads are EXCLUSIVELY yours. No sharing or competing for the business with your competitors. E-commerce sites, adword and Social Media ad campaigns and press releases, etc. are specialties. 

So What Could Go Wrong?

You–or your salespeople–don’t close the sale. Is there anything more frustrating than that? You pay us to get your phone ringing for new business that slips away from you, for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on…are your prices too high, or service too slow, or do they need to “think it over”? We have the solution, and this is what separates SRN from the rest of the pack: we provide Professional Sales Training to you and/or your staff. We’ll help you close the sale. Do other lead generation companies do that?

Professional Sales Training

We offer Professional Sales Training for you and/or your staff that will bring your sales results to the next level. You’ll learn how to quickly qualify prospects. We’ll teach you the words to use and the words to lose in your presentations. We’ll teach you how to subconsciously get commitments from your prospects. And you do it honestly, ethically and comfortably…for both parties. We’ll show you how to make sales an enjoyable experience for both your customer and your salesperson. After all: what good are the leads if you don’t close them?
lead generation with sales training

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OK, What’s The Big Deal?

We have a somewhat unique concept here about lead generation. SRN Marketing helps local businesses create a web presence, generate leads and substantially increase their business at a low, controlled cost using both organic and adword campaigns.
B2C lead gen is done by building or revamping websites directed to your business. If we’re building it, we grab a domain name relative to your business in your market area, build out a nice site (see above screen grabs) and then do all the background grunt work to get eyeballs on it. In essence, we’re SEO experts and all of a sudden you’ve got yourself a lead generator of your very own. The adword campaigns are done for Sales Funnel campaigns as well as Social Media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The AdWord and Social Media campaigns are especially effective, since we can focus the advertising to your specific demographic. Sales Funnels are often created offering a product free or free + shipping in order to get the customer’s attention for the up-sell and future purchases.

lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing

Interesting… Keep Talking!

What happens then?

Leads are generated. Your phone rings. You and your sales staff have prospects. Now What?

Now the rubber meets the road. If you’ve got a good sales team your business grows and we become your new best friend. We rinse and repeat. Meanwhile your Google rank continues to climb to the top of search engine results. And the prospects continue to roll in. Will you and/or your staff close enough of them?

Many organizations that depend upon regular sales will find a close rate of 3 out of 10 to be acceptable. Do you keep track of sales success in your company? If you and/or your people are closing at around 30% currently, you might be satisfied. Are you keeping track of the TIOs you get from prospects? As we all know, the TIO (Think It Over) is the death knell of pretty much all sales presentations.

What would 1 less TIO do for your bottom line, i.e. 1 more close in 10? How many prospects do you have each week? Month? Year?

With our Professional Sales Training we’ll show you how to qualify buyers, tie down commitments, eliminate TIOs and painlessly (for both you and your prospect) close more business. We’ll teach you the words to use, and the words to lose when speaking with prospects. We’ll show you how to get prospects to actually tell you what and how they’ll buy, and buy today.

Do any other Lead Generation Companies do that for you?

We’ll continue to optimize your site and run sales funnels as long as you wish. And the leads will come in. Doesn’t it make sense to wring every possible sale from them?

Yeah, But…

How much does this cost?

Ah, there’s the catch. Well, sure. Of course there’s a catch; you pay us. But not as much as you should, because we’re going to get you a whole bunch more business that you’d otherwise miss. Anyway: we have options. You can pay us to build or fix your site and you own it. We’ll continue to optimize it and set up the ad campaigns. The Sales Funnels will tell you almost immediately just how effective a campaign is (or isn’t; if not, we adjust).

And we can bring Sales Training into the equation.

Or, you don’t need to buy and own a web site, or verify it, cite or optimize it. We can do all that; the risk is on us, not you, and you can just rent the site. If we aren’t getting the job done you can walk away. You can, but you probably won’t.

Or, you can just bring us in for the Professional Sales Training. You may have enough leads coming in already but they’re not closing as often as you’d like. We’re happy to work with you on that challenge as well.

Ask about our FREE TRIAL.

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lead generation srn marketing

They All Say That. Prove It.

We have a group of us doing this around the country; we have hundreds of these sites running for various local businesses. In one week our sites generated more than 41,000 phone calls for our clients. We can prove it because the program includes call tracking. 41,000 generated leads that our clients wouldn’t have gotten. Like I said: it WORKS. This system is how to generate sales leads.
Since there’s essentially a national team of us working on this business model, we’ve been able to refine the system so that what used to take 6 months to a year now can be done in as little as 3 weeks for optimization. And our SALES FUNNEL can work immediately!  (Things have changed quite a bit in the past 10 years with the internet, you see.) Don’t take that as an ironclad guarantee that it will only take 3 weeks; just that it’s been done before. Really, it depends on a few different things, but for sure we’re getting these sites smoking a LOT faster than what you’ve been led to expect. But that’s why you hire SEO experts, right?

Get best hosting plans and launch your company’s website today!

What Kind of Business is Best for This?

The quick answer to that question is a question: Do you sell a product or service? If you do, then your business is best for this…

Any business that wants new customers, and repeat business. For example: real estate lead generation is always in demand; limousine service, carpet cleaners, roofers, auto body repair, house cleaners, skin care, chiropractors, tree services… any one that gets more phone calls than walk-ins. Online lead generation and Sales Funnels can reach out to far more prospects than any other form of advertising.

Just give us a call at: 508-510-6375 or send in a quote request and we’ll get back to you.

lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing

Well, That Sounds OK, But I Already Have a Web Site


How’s that working out for you? If you’re not quite getting the response you were hoping for, then maybe we should talk about putting a shine on it. We can update, upgrade, and polish your site for you (that’s the SEO expert in us) so that it performs the way you want it to. We can make sure that it’s responsive (that’s kind of important nowadays). We’d charge a monthly fee, probably (depends on how long you want us involved) or a flat, one-time fee to engage our expertise. Either way, we’ll fix what ails you.

And don’t forget the SALES FUNNEL, which will create instant sales as well as a customer list for future opportunities. You’re going to love that, and how quickly that adds to your bottom line.

Of course, the Professional Sales Training is the real separator here. No other Lead Generation company will do that for you.

Call us today and ask about our FREE TRIAL. No risk; no obligation. Let us prove it to you. 508-510-6375.

All Righty Then; How Long Does This Take?

Doesn’t usually take all that long when we set up a new site to generate leads, reason being that we don’t re-invent the wheel. For a lead generation site, we typically put enough information on Page 1 to get the searcher to take action, which means we don’t need to (and don’t want to) have more than 3 pages total. Presuming that you have images ready for us (we’ll go get them if necessary, but that may take more time) and give us a few minutes to understand a little bit about your business, we can usually get a site launched in or within two weeks from the time we reach an agreement. That part isn’t too difficult for us, since it’s like anything else that you’ve done over and over: you get pretty good at it. We can get the copy written fairly quickly (usually in the style that you’re currently reading, but we can be totally serious if that’s what you want). The real effort is what goes into behind the scenes work; contacting search engines, etc. The good news is that while much of that is being done, your new site is up and running.

However, the real beauty behind working with us is the Sales Funnel we create in conjunction with your product or service offering. We’ll set it up separately from your main site and promote it to the demographic most likely to buy. Today. And if they don’t buy today, we now have a way of staying in touch with them to buy tomorrow. And if they do buy today, then tomorrow you’ll be offering them something else to buy. See how that works?

Give us a call TODAY and ask about our FREE TRIAL offer. You’ll see that we practice what we preach.

Call us: 508-510-6375

lead generation srn marketing
lead generation srn marketing

OK, What’s Next?

See that phone number? If you’re reading this on your mobile device all you have to do is click on it. If you’re reading this on your desktop, you’ll have to put in a tad more effort and dial the number. Call us, in other words.
If you don’t have the time to talk right now, then go up to the Contact form and fill that in; we’ll get hold of you and figure out how we can help you.
Meantime, if you want to check out some of our work you can click on any of the screen captures of the sites at the top of this page and you’ll be brought to the live sites to see what we do.