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SRN Marketing specializes in getting your business found in local searches. Carpet cleaning companies, limousine services, furniture rental companies, housecleaners, painters, photographers… you name it, we can get you found online.

There really is no big secret to making a website visible to search engines, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It isn’t, as you probably know if you’re reading this. You probably already have a website and you’re disappointed in the results. Or lack of results, more likely.

Any time you’re trying to generate leads online you may as well realize that you’ll be competing against any business that’s even remotely doing what you’re doing. It seems as if everyone knows about keywords and long-tail keywords; that’s the first level of competition that you’re up against. Of course, it goes much deeper than that. With literally billions of websites online, Google and all the other search engines have to come up with other ways to determine the best sites to rank.  Of course, all of the professional SEO companies (including us) are constantly dancing with them; which is why their algorithms are always being tweaked.

And that’s when you start hearing terms such as “web site optimization” and “SEO” (search engine optimization) in order to improve your “Google rank”. Certainly, we do SEO and web site optimization in order to improve your Google rank; the difference is the way that we operate. We use the keywords that are obvious and logically associated with your business but we go the extra mile: we’ll do deep research using various tools to uncover more likely words or phrases someone may use to find you. We understand that Social Media plays a big part in search engine analytics and use that to your advantage. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are all important components to getting you found on the web.

Another often overlooked piece of the pie that will improve results are the review sections most sites and directories provide. We’re always encouraging our clients to ask-ask-ask for positive reviews from their satisfied customers, and we make sure that they follow those reviews in case they get a bad one that requires a response. Yelp, Google+, and any of the local directories that get decent traffic should never be ignored, as that can cost you.

Finally, well, not finally because there’s lots of other items that go into the optimization process not discussed here… but the last items that will be mentioned here are citations and back links. Citations and back links are connections to other web sites and directories that will have something to do with whatever it is that you’re promoting. This is trickier than one would think, as not all citations provide equal influence. They are measured by ‘power’ and ‘trust’, a couple of metrics that will help make or break a successful search.

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When you work with SRN Marketing, you can rest easy knowing that we don’t. We’re very aware that our success depends on your success, which in a karmic way depends on our success making you successful. Got that? In other words: we’re in this together, and we’ll use any tool at our disposal to get you found on the web.

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